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Gummy supplements for adults?

01 Apr., 2015

As modern day consumers that browse the supplement shelves, we are all familiar with gummy-bear vitamins for kids in colorful jars and in a variety of flavors and compositions. As parents that purchase these products for our children, we have all tasted these delicious supplements at least once…or twice. Adults are drawn to gummy bear vitamins and minerals for the same reasons that children are drawn to them- because they are appealing in taste and texture.

Both children and adults face a challenge of compliance. While we know that nutritional supplements offer important benefits to our children, they are not easily persuaded to take their vitamins day after day. Similarly, adults are more inclined to persist with their supplements, or medication for that matter, if they are more appealing than a capsule or tablet.

This simple fact is at the source of a growing trend – gummy supplement for adults. In the US this segment is well on its way with leading players like Bayer with its adult One-A-Day brand and Hero Nutritionals with the Slice of Life product family.

Gummies account for about 64% of the children`s vitamins sales in the US, but for only 5% of adult vitamin, mineral and supplement sales. However, the US year-on-year growth of the adult gummy segment is estimated at a staggering 57% (1). The potential seems to be immense.

It is our view that this strong market trend is destined to transcend cultural inhibitions and cross into Europe in greater force; other parts of the world will follow. The fundamental logic of supporting compliance with an appealing taste and texture will resonate with adults everywhere. The challenge is to offer adults the formulations they require and flavors they prefer.

(1) Datamonitor Consumer, webinar presentation, October 29 and 30, 2013

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